Just Look: The Same-Sex Marriage Marathon

The Same-Sex Marriage Marathon


  • Gay-Marriage License Demands Overwhelming
    “We’re at capacity right now,” said Mabel Teng, the official who oversees marriage licenses for city government. “We normally do about 20-30 couples a day. We’re doing about 50-60 an hour.”
  • Two Thousand Rally for Gay Marriage in Denver
    “Allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, I’m pleased to say, will not impact the sanctity of my marriage,” said U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette, D-Colo.
  • Oregon likely would acknowledge gay marriages performed in another state
    Although Oregon law defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, the state is one of 12 that did not adopt a law prohibiting recognition of gay marriages from other states.
  • Wedding bliss spreads to steps of state Capitol – Same-sex rally draws 1,000 to Sacramento
    “To have a legal piece of paper, we both underestimated how much it was going to mean to us. You can’t understand that unless you’ve been denied it.”
  • Warm Hearts, Cold Feet in WeHo
    Whether the marriages will stand up is another matter, because strait-laced foes have already fired off challenges. But nothing could be more pleasing to the City by the Bay. San Francisco, born of an evil seed, exists for the sole purpose of poking the rest of America’s eyes out.
  • In S.F., debate on gay nuptials marked by joy
    What could induce couples from Miami to Minneapolis to fly in, inspire civil servants to work through a three-day holiday weekend, and bring out volunteers in the dreariest of weather? Wonder upon wonder, what could prompt people to repeatedly thank workers for giving up their holiday?
  • S.F. staffers labor for love as gay nuptials top 2,200
    Teng stressed that all city employees working extra shifts through the weekend, herself included, were volunteering “out of love and commitment to equal rights.” The employees worked without pay to ensure that Newsom’s move would not harm the city financially as it faces a record budget deficit, she said. A cadre of private attorneys is offering pro bono services to the city and the couples it has married.
  • Gay Marriage Foes to Appear in Court
    The city’s lawyers said they will argue that local government agencies or officials are not barred from advancing their own interpretations of the state constitution. They also claim the plaintiffs have failed to demonstrate that continuing to issue licenses for same-sex couples would cause the irreparable harm necessary to obtain a court stay.
  • Marriage License Denied, Women Start Legal Action
    The couple filed a claim against Orange County seeking $25 million in damages for violating their civil rights and inflicting emotional distress after the county clerk’s office denied their marriage license application Jan. 7.
  • How (and Why) Mayor Newsom Did It
    It was only his 12th day as mayor of San Francisco, but Gavin Newsom decided that night — the very night he attended President Bush’s State of the Union address in Washington, D.C. — that he was going to defy California law.

February 14, 2004

6 responses to Just Look: The Same-Sex Marriage Marathon

  1. Wendryn said:

    I’m a transplanted Bay Area person, and seeing these pictures makes me very happy. I’m glad someone has the sense and the compassion to let anyone get married – this has been a long time coming.

  2. Jase said:

    I could just kick myself that we rushed over to City Hall without our camera! Thanks for sharing yours — they capture the excitement and accomplishment that was felt by everyone around.

  3. Evelyn said:

    Lance, I sure want to thank you for making this beautiful piece of photojournalism! I’m an unwilling S.F. transplant currently living in suburban Philadelphia, for God’s sake, and these pictures are a real tonic for me! What a fine photographer you are. Evelyn

  4. Mayu said:

    How I wish I remained in S.F. just a bit longer…. Left Bay Area several months ago. But Lance, your pics are the second best thing. The best being actually being there in person!

  5. Brianna said:

    I just love how happy everyone looks in those photos, and how City Hall went all out on the celebration. That is just magnificent.
    Lance, these photos are fantastic. Thanks for sharing them with those of us who are too far away to celebrate first hand.

  6. *Sigh* If only my boyfriend weren’t serving in the army reserves right now, fighting for the Powers that Be, he and I could fly over to S.F. and get hooked up. Oh well, I guess maybe after he’s done with his year of service we can go give it a try. By then, maybe Mass. will be ready to go with a new law on the books.