The Vegetarian’s Foe

At one time or another, whether due to fear and guilt over the state of modern farming (big “Eeeeeyoooo!” factor) or guilt over the state of the modern midriff (big “Whoooooa!” factor), or both, it’s likely you’re going to consider eschewing delicious meat products and turn to the green section of your local grocer, and I don’t mean the Mountain Dew aisle.
Friend, I’ve been there. I’ve tried. I told myself that it was better for my health, that I was no longer contributing quite as much to the eventual demise of planet Earth and I was helping nature and mankind by decreasing by one the number of people wasting the planet’s resources because we all need one more leg of chicken, one more hunk of pork, or one more juicy, delicious, ever-so-satisfying slice of steak with foie gras and a Cabernet reduction.
But I’m here to tell you friend, that there’s one big enemy in the way of your hoped-for success in this area. And now you can wear a T-shirt to remind yourself when you look in the mirror exactly why you’re heading out the door to your rendezvous with death…


May 1, 2007

2 responses to The Vegetarian’s Foe

  1. Malinda said:

    Too funny. It sums up my problems with going vegetarian exactly. Also, want to let you know I found your blog a few days ago and really enjoy it. the French Laundry review was excellent!

  2. aria said:

    hahahah, I couldn’t have said it better myself, gentlemen.

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