But Here’s the Thing

Mr. Obama is correct when he says that a candidate’s family, and a candidate’s children in particular, should remain off-limits during a campaign, and that their personal trials and choices should remain private.

I agree with that sentiment.

However — and predicated on the fact that I am not a reporter, nor a “political blogger,” nor officially affiliated with either presidential campaign — I’m finding it particularly hard in this instance to separate the fact that one political party has made it a primary goal in its agenda to govern my personal life, and judge who I am and what I do on moral grounds that become, to them, legal grounds, added to the fact that they do all in their power to attempt to move into the bedrooms of America and tell us all how we are supposed to conduct our personal lives, including what we must believe in or not believe in according to the precepts of a book written several thousand years ago by a group of men concerned mostly with controlling the population through fear (and just a little bit about loving our fellow man, which is, after all, what I try to practice in my life, albeit a bit more literally than intended by them, I’m quite sure), and the fact that a constant in all their preaching, namely favoring the preaching of abstinence over the teaching of contraception, is blowing up in their pompous, judgmental little faces.

An underaged, unwed girl is pregnant. Not news. Happens all the time. But what they keep telling us and what they’d have us believe is that running one’s life and one’s family according to their rules would solve this particular problem. That somehow protecting young people from the horrors of rubbers and the pill and any one of the myriad ways in which pregnancy can be avoided in the inevitability of sex will prevent them from becoming pregnant, and here we have ample proof if ever there was any — I mean, if that mother wasn’t a poster Mom for abstinence and the Christian way of life, who the hell is? — that it’s all bullshit.

So, I will refrain from making the happy occasion of a new life entering our world through the usual methods into a political theme. But excuse me while I sit over here laughing my ass off at the hypocrisy and utter irony of the situation. Thank you.

September 1, 2008

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  1. T. Tinnes said:

    Great article as usual Lance – though for some reason I keep passing out on the 3rd paragraph ….

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