I Saw It On CNN

My boyfriend’s company (of which he is an actual partner, while I toil away in abject obscurity freelancing from my apartment/cave, not that I’m bitter) came up with an idea for CNN after one of their smarter members noticed that occasionally, but with surprising frequency, the site would produce unintentionally hilarious, rude or otherwise inappropriate headlines for their never-ending spillage of news articles. “Why not,” he reasoned, “automate a process whereby visitors to the site could automagically get a T-shirt printed with the headline boldly announcing CNN’s right-smart word usage?” And so he did, and so they did, and then CNN did what many (most?) clients do (IMHO) and promptly took the fun out of it by only allowing certain headlines to get the T-shirt treatment, most of which are, unsurprisingly, lacking amusement or any sign of funny.

Then again, one’s opinion of “funny” may different from theirs. And so it goes that the UPS man stopped off today and dropped me my latest T-shirt acquisition:

Cerebral palsy boy mows lawns.

I loves me some non-sequitur.

July 18, 2008

One response to I Saw It On CNN

  1. R J Keefe said:

    You’d have to act fast, then, to grab a real blooper, on the lines of “Dewey Defeats Truman”