Time Wounds All Heels

I used to write online quite a lot. Certainly weekly, and often several times a week. I would write about anything and everything, really. Whatever was annoying me. Whatever was interesting me.
Then things slowed down. Then things stopped dead. I could probably enumerate the causes if I chose to dwell on them. I could look backwards, which is what we all do for the most part, look backwards, because it’s easier and obvious. But I want to start looking forward, again. Looking forward to something. Looking forward towards something. And to start writing again.
Certainly, I’ll make no promises. Why would I? You don’t care about them, and neither do I. Promises made online aren’t real, and they’re made to be broken. Nothing online is very important. It’s all so disposable and most of it is horrible. And I mean that in the original sense. Not the more modern one that waters down its meaning, but the one going back centuries.
“Marked by or arousing horror.”
It’s awful out there, or haven’t you noticed? I suppose it was inevitable, the dumbing down of everything. The trivialization and ignorance posing as opinion. The snippets of nothing shot out at lightspeed as if everything, everything, everything has importance, when all that does is illustrate the opposite.
But back to me. And to you. You who found this, however you did. And who knows what you want? Hard to tell when one looks at what’s popular. Not that I should use that as a yardstick, of course. And not that I will. No, if I’m going to have any measure of success — and buy ‘success’ I simply mean a continued drive to write, rather than the drive to write well — I must just keep at it. Often, though not necessarily at length.
So here I go again. And to hell with expectation and promises.

June 30, 2008

9 responses to Time Wounds All Heels

  1. Chris said:

    Yay. I missed you.

  2. Sommar said:

    Good luck with writing more. I really liked “The Witnesses”.

  3. ellen said:

    Hey, What a lovely post. You’re sooo right. Came to you by way of clicking the wrong site!!

  4. Sharie said:

    Hi Lance,
    this might seem a bit strange, but I was just reading your post about leslie harpold. i only just recently found out she has left our earth and was reading all the wonderful online posts about her and her life. I was close friends with her in highschool and a few years into college… then sadly we lost track. I am so sad for that, because reading all about her i can’t believe how similar we still are and how much i would have still enjoy her friendship.
    anyhoo, i was reading your post (which was wonderful, thank you), because, as it turns out, i lived in san francisco too, i think about the same time Leslie did… and that really made me even more frantic for the “what ifs.” So i guess that’s why i was so compelled to write you, i don’t know, maybe we could meet for coffee/a drink the next time i’m in the city – i live in Sacramento now but still miss SFO everyday, so i get down there at least once a month.
    anyhow, if you feel comfortable chatting about Leslie some time, do let me know. I guess i’m just feeling the desire to find out more about those too-many years i missed knowing her. If not, I do understand and just wanted to let you know you were lucky to know her and thank you for your post.

  5. K. said:

    Hello, Lance –
    So glad you’re back writing for the joy of it. I’ve been quietly following Glassdog and you and the endless permutations of both for over ten years now. Back then, I submitted some Spew about seeing a one-armed God running down the street in a loincloth. You posted it. We corresponded briefly and I was always moved by your writing and your willingness to bleed onto the page. . . or screen, I guess. I doubt you remember.
    During our brief period of correspondence, though, you encouraged me several times to start my own blog. Just wanted to surface for a moment to let you know I registered a domain name today and hope to be up and running by the end of the month. It took 10 years for the seed you planted to sprout, but I thought you’d be gratified that it finally did.
    Thanks for the inspiration, Lance.

  6. Jish said:

    Looking forward to reading more!

  7. Caroline said:

    I’ve missed your writing. Looking forward to more.

  8. lukas said:

    For what little it is worth, I have missed your words. Glassdog and then justwrite have always been the little bookmark I go to when I desperately need just a little bit of thought behind the curtain. So, Lance, I say: go, go,GO. I will be waiting and reading and cheering here on the sidelines.

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