Best Halo 3 Review Evar

“Two things come up that are prevalent with the creation of these games. One, is the mental psychosis of the vulnerable adolescent or young adult, who are gullible to these fictions. The second is the fostering of specific types of “virtual world” games— supposedly designed for mere entertainment, such as the hedonistic Second Life, or Halo 3. Either way, the dehumanization process occurs in any instance, by the first-person shooter games’ precision to kill another object, or by the adoption of an arbitrary set of anti-scientific, anti-principled rules, like that of Second Life, or even the great Ministry of Truth—Wikipedia.”

Halo 3: The ‘Third Wave’ of Destroying the U.S.
by The LaRouche Youth Movement Counter-Intelligence Team

And man oh man, “counter-intelligence” has never had a more apt usage.

My own short but sweet pre-emptive Halo 3 review, having played only the first two chapters and, to be perfectly frank, never having played a Halo game before: “Repetitive and frustrating.” Though it does make me appreciate Gears of War and Bioshock a lot more.

September 27, 2007

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