Attn: Google Money Babies

McSweeney’s is having a problem. Last year, their distributor went bankrupt and left them high and dry to the tune of $130,000, which they are now attempting to recoup via a big sale on all their backlog items and a big auction on eBay of some one-of-a-kind artwork and lavish special packages, including some Chris Ware stuff and Spike Jonze signed magazines or something.
If you have an overabundance of moolah, though, the thing you’ll probably want to pay attention to is a tour of The Daily Show by that lovable Windows OS, John Hodgman his own self! Yes, boys and girls, if you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime special can’t-get-anywhere else gift — or if you’re of a mind to spend your own hard-earned disposable income on a New York trip complete with probably meeting Jon Stewart and definitely meeting John Hodgman, you better jump quickly.
The auction ends on June 23rd at 12:43:40 PDT.

June 18, 2007

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