TiVo Series 3 for $405

I’m sick to death of my crappy Comcast DVR. The remote lag (whereby clicks on my remote control register several seconds after I enter them) along with shitty hard drives recording programs with drop-outs in the audio and video tracks — not to mention that I’ve had one of the boxes simply freeze up entirely and not know what it is — have left this ex-TiVo owner Jonesing for a hit of some HD DVR reliability and a worthwhile interface without those goddam ads on it.
Thankfully, TiVo is rewarding daddies with big TVs by offering a $200 rebate on the Series 3 box if you buy one before June 14th. Amazon currently offers the box for $605, so with the rebate we can all get our TiVo HD on for just over $400 (before system subscription). I waited about 10 seconds before hitting that one-click buy-now button, myself.
After suffering through Comcast’s version of recordable TV for a couple of years, I can’t wait to have my old pal TiVo back in the living room with me and my 42″ Westie!
P.S. Forgot to mention that the eSATA port on the TiVo S3 is apparently open for business, meaning you can go purchase an eSATA drive up to 1 terabyte in size and grab yourself an eSATA cable and then do a couple of steps that don’t involve cracking the case in any way and, voila, your 30-hours of HD programming can become up to 137 hours. Amazon also (conveniently) has some stylish Seagate eSATA drives that won’t look bad humming along with your wide screen TV for less than $250.

May 31, 2007

2 responses to TiVo Series 3 for $405

  1. Scott said:

    However bad your Comcast DVR is, the DirecTV branded one is worse. It has all the bugs you described plus it will start a scheduled recording late for no good reason, cannot understand that some shows are on more than one channel, has a limit of 100 items on the To Do List forcing you to make choices during a busy TV week, an interface straight out of 1991 and will sometimes play back loud static where the soundtrack should be. Yesterday it recorded 4 episodes of The Golden Girls for no good reason. Seriously, The Golden Girls? Unless my dog has a secret crush on Rue McClanahan and figured out how to use the remote, that shouldn’t have happened.
    I will soon buy a real Tivo again and have reliability, but Tivo is really making it tough by charging $15/month for what is basically an electronic TV guide. But at this point I can justify it not because Tivo’s service is worth it, but because it’s worth $15/month for me to not have to deal with the DirecTV DVR.

  2. Rob O. said:

    Rue is big with the canine crowd, y’know…
    I disagree that TiVo is “basically an electronic TV guide.” Season Pass is a big selling point for me. And the Wish List is quite nice too.