The Big Drip

The first time I walked into Ritual Roasters on Valencia Street here in San Francisco, it felt like I’d stepped back into some pre-bubble-burst time hole. Everywhere I looked was another Seattle-grunge fashion victim hugging a monochrome MacBook, their faces aglow with dreams of buy-outs as they looked up to see if the person just walking in had any VC money sticking out their pockets.
I felt dirty. I felt like an outsider. But regardless of the clientele, the coffee is decidedly delicious. (For the record, my Top Three Coffees are, in order, Blue Bottle in Hayes Valley, Ritual, and Philz in the Castro.) Now it seems I have another reason to visit Ritual — their 2 new $11,000 Clovers.
For those of you who don’t keep up with expensive coffee makers (what, are you insane?!?), the clover supposedly makes one perfect cup of coffee. Not an espresso, not a demitasse, not a latte or an Americano or anything sounding even slightly Eurotrash in its aspirations. Grounds go in the top, magic happens inside, coffee comes out the nozzle one cup at a time, brewed by a sort of high pressure French press method.
Currently there are 80 Clovers worldwide and we have 2 of them. I’ll see you there! Forget the computer — for once.

March 14, 2007

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