The Cheese Problem

I’m sort of stupid and cheap when it comes to throwing out bad food. Case in point: The Cowgirl Creamery triple cream Red Hawk I purchased on my way home from a client and then thoughtlessly left in my shoulder bag as it… ripened. Let me just say one thing about stinky cheese, or rather, about forgotten stinky cheese.
No, maybe I won’t say anything. I’ll just let you ponder that thought for the day.

March 12, 2007

2 responses to The Cheese Problem

  1. jadepark said:

    oh that just sounds (and smells) HELLACIOUS! i believe red hawk is, on top of being a cheese, a WASHED RIND (“stinky”) cheese to start off with!
    have you gotten the smell out yet? vinegar sometimes helps, but then of course, you smell vinegar for awhile…

  2. Mark Johnson said:

    Though, it can’t be any worse than my gym bag by Friday.

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