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Just a short entry to apologize to those few who felt compelled to tell me that I was finally making the right decision and/or I was going over to the Dark Side in my previous post about switching to Apple. The post indicated that comments could be left to lambaste or applaud the author in equal measure but would not actually allow anyone to do so.
This is because I have turned off comments universally on this site but neglected to change the default for new entries which allows comments — something one would imagine that Six Apart would have thought of but apparently it’s my fault, so I accept the blame and dutifully apologize forthwith.
As to the why’s and wherefores, even though I have at least two and possibly three or maybe even four methods in place of detecting and avoiding comment spam by automatically moving it to the scrapheap of horrible things we shouldn’t have to deal with like watermelon seeds and shoes that tell you they’re your size and then you try them on and, although they are the last pair available, truly are meant for someone with more demure treads than I, the spammers were getting more cunning than my automated systems and rather than fight them on a daily basis, I elected to just turn comments off for everyone.
So if you have any comments, feel free to email me and tell me how lame/brilliant I am. If the spam filters figure out how to eliminate the spammers now adding nonsense, off-topic posts with their URL in their signature, perhaps I shall allow all my beautiful and intelligent readers their voices back. Until then, feel free to mouth off on your own sites and spread the “Lance is an idiot-genius!” meme on your own dime.

January 14, 2007

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