What’s Lance Up To?

I expected that since I quit my job in December, I would have ample time to update this and other sites more frequently and entertain/abash you, my treasured and ever-shrinking audience, with more amusing anecdotes and/or ways in which you can improve your lives through wardrobe and cosmetics. Alas, such has not proven to be the case. Now why is that?

Well, I’ve been catching up on Web design theory and standards that have shifted a bit here and there and there’s a new browser or two out there and everyone’s just making all sorts of interesting shit so I’ve been playing catch-up quite a bit, and also just fooling around with things to see what happens, which is, IMHO, what one does with one’s own websites, does one not?
I also redesigned my friend’s site as well as this one and another one you may have noticed. I am working half-diligently on a super secret project that should start to gel “any second now,” assuming I can get my ass in gear (see: playing catch-up, above) and devote the necessary time to that which holds great promise but currently pays nothing-per-hour.
As to the money situation, I’m also working a few freelance gigs (the term “freelance” should not be taken literally in my case, tee hee) that eat up my time, not to mention the whole marketing oneself, collecting on fees, doing taxes and maintaining expenses and etc. that goes along with being your own boss.
I was planning on attending SXSW this year, but you know what I suck at? Budgeting. So no money = no Austin, sorry friends, have a Shiner without me, maybe next time. If anyone has an extra plane ticket, and extra hotel reservation, and extra food money just lying around unclaimed, you know my email address. I will be attending a wedding in NYC at the end of March (assuming, again, money — because NYC? ‘Spenive!) and I have promised to visit friends in various locales around this still great nation of ours over the coming weeks since, apparently, I now have all this free time on my hands.
Anyway, as far as new content, I do apologize and am grateful to those who keep on my ass about it and remind me that someone is still out there listening/reading/paying attention. I can’t promise I’ll be any more diligent about updates, unfortunately, seeing as how nearly every aspect of my life is all up in the air like a bad juggler’s balls, threatening at any moment to crash to earth and upset the delicate personal/professional balance we all try to maintain. If you’re in need of something, I did put up a bit of fluff hidden away so there’s that teaser.
And, as always, if anything dramatic or horrible or wonderful occurs, you’ll be the second to know.

February 21, 2006

2 responses to What’s Lance Up To?

  1. Matt said:

    Looking forward to checking out PublicSquare. Sounds like some interesting ideas, though the decision to build a platform from scratch may come back to bite you later.

  2. C(h)ristine said:

    glad you re-emerged!