A Cheesemas Classic Returns

Due to several… um, a few… okay, a couple of requests, I’ve dug up a story originally written way back in 1997 when we all had visions of Internet Glory still fresh in our brains and thought that selling dog food and groceries online was a terrific, money-making idea. Man, if only I knew that search would be so valuable, huh?
Regardless, for those couple of you out there Jonesing for some good, old-fashioned, semi-blasphemous holiday cheer—and in light of this whole stupid boycott anyone not using the word “Christmas”—I proudly re-present the classic tale of two cats, one fat guy and a bunch of songs about cheese.
The Cats Fei: A Cheesemas Tale” by Lance Arthur. Enjoy!

December 11, 2005

One response to A Cheesemas Classic Returns

  1. ollie said:

    Thank you for the Cat’s Fei. I read it a long time ago and just the other day I thought of it, glassdog, and you Lance.
    The Cat’s Fei is the best Cheesemas story I’ve ever read and I learned HTML on the old Glassdog.
    So. Thanks again.