Guess what? If you’re a headline reader, you already know the answer, but for those of you who elect to eschew headlines and just dive right into the meat, so to speak, I’ve recently become electively unemployed. I fired myself from my old job. I left the office of the company where I had been working these last 5½ years, never to return again.
So my question to you, dear readers, is: Now what?
I actually left without a plan in place for continued monetary advancement. I have no savings (well, very little) and lots of unsecured debt (damn you, homosexual lifestyle of living beyond my means!) and that’s about the size of the banking portion of my life.

What am I thinking about doing? Well, since you asked, and in no particular order:

  1. Write a book. Not sure what the book is about, which is a challenge. To say the least.
  2. Find another full-time job. Got one?
  3. Freelance for a while, even though I don’t enjoy the business aspects thereof, like chasing down checks and rounding up work and doing my quarterlies.
  4. Come up with a fantastic idea for something that’ll revolutionize the web and which I can work on for a year or so and then flip to Google or Yahoo for millions of dollars, although I don’t have that fantastic idea, yet.
  5. Build up a new web site based on the whole Man Grooming concept I’ve been having fun writing about lately, even though we all know that great content is not the Yellow Brick Road to fame and fortune, but I’d enjoy doing it. But ad revenue?
  6. I’ve also wanted to do a gay-themed site that is not another culture slash fashion slash gossip site, but instead delves into politics and dealing with real-world problems like coming out and suicidal tendencies and dealing with rejection and relationships and suchlike.

That’s all I’ve come up with so far. Fell free to add your own suggestions and/or support to any of those ideas.
As for why I quit? Well, let’s just say that the job and I were on divergent tracks and although the money was very attractive and the job itself was rather easy, I discovered that it was having a bad affect on my overall life and that a lot of my unhappiness and dissatisfaction with things in general, not to mention my own well-being both physical and mental, were slowly and steadily getting worse. The job was what it was, I just didn’t want to (and couldn’t) do it any longer.
There’s a longer and deeper story in there about self-discovery and happiness and how to take a leap when you’re not ready for it, but I’ll save that until I’ve figured it all out.

December 5, 2005

17 responses to Unemployed!

  1. eric m. said:

    you know, the man grooming blog wouldn’t be a terrible idea– it won’t keep you in crystal and hos (or whatever your crazy lifestyle is right now)… but you can probably make $20-$50k/yr if you do it right (adsense ads, some smart affialite links, etc).

  2. Mark said:

    The repeated layoffs and reorgs that kept me from a permanent career job in system admin lead me to select the “reboot” option on my life. Now I’ve abandoned the tech sector that abandoned me and am building a motorcycle touring business. Talk to me in three years or so and we’ll see how good a decision it was.
    It may be cliche, but have you read the book “What Color is your Parachute?”

  3. Josh said:

    If you do #4, count me in as a partner.

  4. aput83 said:

    How about this, write a book about the grooming tips you’ve been posting, heck, you could probably get a spot in a teen magazine with all those tips.

  5. Rob O. said:

    I’d like to selfishly cast a vote for the grooming tips website option. Those have been invaluable!! You have avery enjoyable and accessible writing style that draws me back often.

  6. anne said:

    I vote for anything that has you writing. You are wonderful.

  7. laguy said:

    Congratulations on the change. It’s never easy to leave a job — and to do so without knowing what’s next is even more brave. It’s a great time to reevaluate and try a new path. Good luck!!!

  8. Scott said:

    Let me also throw in my vote for a man-grooming site. Not a book, though, which would probably go obsolete very quickly. Unless it was a book about looks for men that never go out of style (black suits, etc.) But a site which was about fashion, hair, hygiene and new products relating to them would probably be a good draw. And, as Eric said, smart affiliate links would at least keep you from starving.
    And make it for all men, not just the gay ones. The breeders enjoy reading you, too.

  9. WooHooo! good for you! yea I know there is all that scary ‘I’m going to starve’ crap but seriously you are a fucking genious, you wont go hungry and if you do, tell us, theres probably at least 2,000 people who owe you at least a case of soup. You were a significant piece of my puzzle nearly 8 years ago when I did the same thing, good job, had been with the company for 8 years, left without notice, without any savings and with only the promise of a job at a deli for $6 an hour.
    The free fall lasted for 5 months but with skills under my belt that were augmented by the old glassdog site (I really miss that, cant you post some of that archive content?) I marched forward with blind faith in myself and the universe finally gave way and let me have a career I could stomack and after awhile, double the money.
    do you have a resume online? I would hawk you to my company in a heartbeat.
    keep your adorning fans in the loop!

  10. joh said:

    do the grooming site, then after assembling enough content, spin it in a book. I’d buy it in a heartbeat! Try to make it especially attractive to buy as a gift and it’ll sell like crazy (based on the number of people I’ve referred to your site for skin care tips)

  11. In all seriousness: get a service job for awhile. You’ll have money coming in and be working a job that’s not necessarily the same every day. Granted, the money isn’t that good… but think of the stories that may come out of it.

  12. tim said:

    The grooming blog is a natural progression of lancearthur.com, but it treads on Queer Eye territory… and we’re all a little QueerEyed out. Write the book. Not a grooming book, but a loosely based on reality, fictional book. You have so much material already out there, and a dedicated and vocal fan base. Imagine the glowing reader reviews on Amazon.com. My vote is for a book.

  13. erinn said:

    Hi Lance,
    I’m with everyone else on the grooming tips — I don’t know which format it should be presented in, but suffice it to say that even as a straight female, I found the advice excellent. I’ve also referred many of my male friends to the site and they learned quite a lot. It helps that we have the same taste in products. (Mmm, Kiehl’s and Lush hasta la muerte!)
    Good luck! I did the same thing last year and while I was unemployed for a while, I eventually found an awesome job making video games. 🙂 You’ll be fine!

  14. iMax said:

    retire to the philippines. get a job here as an executive or something (you’re white, people will worship you), earn tons of cash, soak up the relatively cheap lifestyle, enjoy the beaches, stay connected through the internet, find man of your dreams. or write your book. self publish (you did it once right?) see if you can pull off a web-based marketing campaign that makes it sell in the millions. i’d support you.

  15. vectorbug said:

    This can mean only one thing.
    The return of Naked glassdog, but now in Podcast form!

  16. Colin said:

    Congratulations on quitting! I’ve heard it can be a very liberating experience. Especially when the job is doing little to improve your state of mind. Meanwhile, who says that culture slash fashion slash gossip do not qualify as real-world problems? 🙂

  17. Jimbot said:

    I think all of your options sound good, and book publishing is definately one which I would vote for – considering how much I’ve enjoyed reading your materials here.
    You humble you : ) You didn’t even mention your first book. Lucky that I ran into it, seeing the tiniest little link at the bottom of the screen, and discovering all the different beautiful covers you have done for your first book.
    I bought one, and I am now waiting anxiously for it to arrive (I live kind of far, in Hong Kong).
    Anyway, I am in the same position as you were in. And I adore your courage.