Win a date with Lance Arthur!

Hey, there, dudes and dudettes. I just won two tickets to Thursday night’s outstandingly kitchy double-feature at San Francisco’s renowned and historic Castro Theatre and I have no one who wants to go with me. So I’ve decided to throw caution to the wind and ask just about anyone who wanders by my web site whether they want to meet me on Castro Street in the heart of Fagtown to watch 60’s anti-war icon Jane Fonda parade about the big screen in nothing but a feather boa in her now legendary turn as French comic book heroine Barbarella.
Playing alongside this wonder of 60’s drug-induced pop culture nonsense is Danger: Diabolik! starring Pygar the angel himself, AKA John Phillip Law (though he is much less shirtless in this flick and I believe he never says a word) as the most egotistic, hedonistic and superficial thief the world has ever known. Really, these two films together will send your gorge rising until your fevered dreams are filled with the theme song from Barbarella (Psychedella!) and the image of Diabolik frozen in molten gold.
If you want to be my special friend for an evening of so-bad-it’s-good cinema, along with popcorn drenched in real butter and perhaps Coca Cola®, simply send me an email explaining why you want to sit in an old theatre with me and watch Ms. Fonda utter such historic lines as “You mean they could still be living in a primitive state of neurotic irresponsibility?” and “Well, on Earth, for centuries, people haven’t made love unless their psychocardiogram readings were in perfect confluence.” said with a completely straight face.
Remember, the ticket is only good this Thursday for the 7PM showing, and I don’t have a car so I can’t pick you up, and there is no promise of an after-movie goodnight kiss or in-film groping and there’s little to no likelihood that either of us will see the other naked, unless I am drunk in which case it’s every man for himself.
I’ll let the winner know that they’ve won by 8PM Wednesday evening, assuming anyone at all enters. So if you enter, but you don’t hear back from me, you didn’t won.

November 8, 2005

3 responses to Win a date with Lance Arthur!

  1. Sam said:

    The opportunity to go out on a non date with Lance! I’ve had an internet crush on you for 7 years. Bummer that I live in seattle or I’d be all over it. And you know, bummer I’m a girl.

  2. Alastair said:

    I have not had an internet crush on Lance (his handsome face and tremendous wit cannot overcome my love of real life people, though they do test me), but have also been reading him for years. Alas, I live in London. No, not Canada.
    Dear sir, please specify whether air fare is included.
    Ta very much.

  3. Cindy said:

    Had I completed my Wendy’s airtran cup offer in time and a free week, I would totally have flown out to SF for ya, Lance! 😀
    Unfortunately, I live in Atlanta, am a poor college gal, and have a test on Friday 🙁