8 Simple Rules for Business Web Sites

  1. Less how. More why.
  2. Not you. The user.
  3. Now. Not later.
  4. Forget sticky. Think action.
  5. Clean. Not empty.
  6. Organize first. Design second.
  7. Expect accidents.
  8. Never assume. Always ask.

August 25, 2005

4 responses to 8 Simple Rules for Business Web Sites

  1. TheBrad said:

    Preach, brother!

  2. Andrew said:

    Argh! A major peeve of mine is the (ab)use of the term “user”. Ban it!
    If your site is for customers, call them customers. If an area of the site is for administrators, refer to them as such. If there’s a weblog element, they are readers.
    If you’re calling them users then you haven’t paid enough attention to rule #1. 😉
    …but that’s just me…

  3. In a broad sense such as the point in this list, the term user is more than adequate. It is just you…

  4. danica said:

    This reads as an e e cummings poem 🙂