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No update here today, but I do have an article over at the newly redesigned and oh-so-topical Queer Day!
A short excerpt:
I am a fat man, at heart. You know that saying about every fat person having a thin person inside waiting to get out? Mine got out about four years ago. Before that, I suffered from being my father’s son, inheriting his large body and carrying around on those big bones lots of fatty tissue arranged not disproportionately (as someone kindly informed me as some sort of sideways compliment — “You’re fat, but you’re proportionate!”) but in such a way that I was the guy who did not undress in front of others and wore T-shirts into the pool and whose inverted nipples sagged sad and ugly on my man teets.
I was undesirable, no doubt about that. And moving from the east coast where I could say that I was “storing up for the winter” to the west coast only made things worse. If you’re considering moving to San Francisco because it’s some Gay Mecca where you can come and be yourself, please be aware that no one wants you to be yourself here unless you’re gorgeous, fatless and know how to dance.
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March 28, 2005

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