Fuck Bush

Suits me to a T

November 3, 2004

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  1. Matt V said:

    Well, the voting them out thing didn’t seem to work. Maybe Canada is looking better now?

  2. Monica said:


  3. S. said:

    I agree about all of your sentiments about Bush since I share them, but Americans shouldn’t take the Canada option for granted.

  4. Jamie said:

    lol I love it.
    Hey whats with the lack of updates?

  5. Roy said:

    I find it very dificult for a person like me from outside the US (from Spain) to understand how Bush actually could get reelected. Do not (most) americans understand that his politics are separating the US from the rest of the world? That arrogant and unilateral US foreign politics is the reason why there is so much hatred against Americans in the world, and september 11th, even howmuch we all condemn any act of violence, is a direct result of this.
    And all this to protect “the american way of life” that we all know too well, the freedom to conduct extreme Capitalism, but not to love who you want, nor to have the believes that you like. It all looks more and more like “American Beauty” to me.
    In Spain we did something with it, after we where confonted with Terror upon ourselves, the People used Democracys only tool and elected a new government, since the last one had failed so badly.
    I still can’t understand how Bush was reelected…

  6. Paul said:

    Ah, Roy, I can’t either. Since the election, however, I’d finding that lots of red wine helps.

  7. democracyinusanomore said:

    Simple answer: he was re-elected by a huge scam or brainwashing or both, just like the 1st election.

  8. Lemmin Pie said:

    Well, Roy, I sure didn’t vote for him. Either time. Most of the people I’ve spoken with who re-elected him had the same stupid mantra: We don’t like him, but at least he’s a known quantity; we don’t know what we’ll get with Kerry. To me, that’s a stupid reason to vote for someone. (About as smart as staying married “for the sake of the children.) After all, in 4 years ALL the candidates will be an “unknown quantity.” Besides, I felt I knew what Kerry stood for: CHANGE. Most Americans tend to vote for an incumbent. I certainly can’t tell you why.

  9. owlish said:

    1) President Bush’s policies aren’t what is causing a separation; the separation has been occurring ever since Old Europe decided to choose butter over guns, and has proclaimed the world should follow its policies. 2) Senator Kerry was a horrible choice for the Democratic party, essentially running on an “anyone but Bush” platform. 3) I think the War on Terror is, in effect WWIV [with the Cold War being WWIII]. Kerry seemed to think of it as a police action.

  10. Chase said:

    I, as an American, that voted for Kerry, am appalled that Bush could have won. Now, the “American Dream” just might be tested to its limits. North Korea, Iran…I cannot believe what is about to happen in this world. “God save us all” won’t help us now.

  11. randy said:

    Hey everyone. The big secret that the mass media donesn’t want you to know. BUSH LOST! Yes it’s true. You see the election was rigged, stolen, as it was in 2000. Florida and Ohio exit polls went to Kerry. The exit poll data does not match the actual poll results. Until 2000 exit polls were always an accurate prediction of the election. In fact they were frequently used to predict winning states before the actual results were available.

  12. joe said:

    Suddenly, it got spammy. I’m un-horney again.

  13. Zenith said:

    I’ll tell you why Bush won:
    He got all them redneck religious idiots out there all scared up cause them gays were kissing in public and wanting equal rights…yesss sirree… nothing sacares good ol’ Americans more than boys kissing…..yessumm, that’s just awful.