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Democratic Reform

This is not another rant about Proposition 8, per se, though it does necessarily encompass the arguments for and against it, as well as pretty much every Presidential election over the past 20 years or so, and any legislation at… continue reading »

The Voices of the Peoples

After Proposition 8, which attempts to inserts a phrase that defines marriage as only between one man and one woman into our state Constitution, passed here in California, my initial reaction was that it was inevitable. Even though, only weeks… continue reading »

Straight to the Point

How to tell if you’re straight, and what you can do to hide it from others. With the recent decision by California to strip straight couples of their Constitutional right to marriage — a decision already echoed in one way… continue reading »

Sex, Lies and Proposition 8

I know I’m late to the party but on the eve of the election and with the strong possibility that Proposition 8 here in California will remove the right to marry whom I may wish to marry (something I never… continue reading »