Archives for July 2008

Adventures in Erotic Dentistry

I get a cleaning from my dentist — or, more accurately, my dentist’s dental assistant — twice a year. Prior to about 10 years ago, I hadn’t visited a dentist for most of my adult life unless I absolutely had… continue reading »

I Saw It On CNN

My boyfriend’s company (of which he is an actual partner, while I toil away in abject obscurity freelancing from my apartment/cave, not that I’m bitter) came up with an idea for CNN after one of their smarter members noticed that… continue reading »

wishs/wishd dot com (or something)

My experience standing in line at the Apple store brought to mind a project I had considered years ago, around the time I was still doing Overheard at and had set up The Dead Letter Office with Greg Knauss’s… continue reading »

For a Phone

Somewhere on the Web, I have no doubt, some guy is writing or has written or will be writing in his blog about the dick in line at the Apple store on Stockton in San Francisco who was Mr. Goody-Goody… continue reading »