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If I’m starting to sound like an Apple ad, I apologize, but I really am shocked at how easy it is to get my digital life in order using Apple’s system of products and software. The elegant and beautiful industrial design doesn’t hurt, of course, as well as the new quiet I can enjoy without the usual fans whirring away all the time. I can see how the cultists can bow down at Sir Steven’s feet, awaiting every new product launch, and snapping them up as quickly as Apple can make them.
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Into the Bowels of Rapture

I’m an Xbox 360 gamer, but not a very good one. Of late, I have been enamored with the culture and process of game building more than the actual playing. I find it particularly fascinating how like film making the… continue reading »

Comcastic? Try Fucktardic

I’m going to bring my little tale of woe to you now, so that I may be able to help others like myself who find themselves trying to deal with the ass-backwardsization of customer service in the “I don’t have… continue reading »