Archives for May 2007

TiVo Series 3 for $405

I’m sick to death of my crappy Comcast DVR. The remote lag (whereby clicks on my remote control register several seconds after I enter them) along with shitty hard drives recording programs with drop-outs in the audio and video tracks… continue reading »

Life Serialized

Anyway… For those of you who have a hankering for nostalgia and the Web That Was, or if you’re simply new to my blathering and are wondering how long I have been doing it and whether or not past prognostications… continue reading »

Porn Yesterday

What was it? How come I was so different? I decided then and there to fake it, to convince them (and myself) that I was just like them and I really liked these pictures of fat-boobies and hairy crotches and eyes like demons. I looked through one magazine after another, trying to find a picture sufficiently scary and inversely grotesque to my sensibilities that I could use to pass for a believable desire.
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The Vegetarian’s Foe

At one time or another, whether due to fear and guilt over the state of modern farming (big “Eeeeeyoooo!” factor) or guilt over the state of the modern midriff (big “Whoooooa!” factor), or both, it’s likely you’re going to consider… continue reading »