Archives for April 2007

When the Bread Dies, Everyone Knows It

I’ve been to The French Laundry four times, now, and I must admit to myself that I probably won’t be going back. There are a few reasons for this conclusion, which I shall enumerate forthwith, but in short the reason… continue reading »

The Gentlemen Who Dine

I moved to San Francisco at the tail-end of a migration of like-minded individuals who wanted to get sucked into the giant vortex of online creativity taking place here at the turn of the millenium. It was the year Y2K… continue reading »

Food for People

There is nothing quite as agreeable to any diner as discovering you’re now “a regular” at a particular restaurant. The staff recognizes you at the door, they know what you’re usual order is (though they are still kind enough to… continue reading »

The Sitting Alone and Laughing Thing

I am just returned from a late morning breakfast at a local crepery — and what is it with all the creperies in San Francisco anyway? Who said we were all starving for crepes? — where I was sitting at… continue reading »

Foam and Circumstance

Perhaps, or probably, unfairly, I think of Citizen Cake as the place where lesbians go to eat. I’m sure there are many other restaurants and eating establishments in the fine city of San Francisco owned, managed, womaned and visited by… continue reading »

Tax and Spend

Today is April 16th, or Tax Day as it is sometimes known in the United States. Normally, we pay our taxes on April 15th, but since that was yesterday and nobody in the Federal Government works on the day of… continue reading »

Kids say the darndest things

It’s funny — not “ha ha” funny — how a lovely dining experience can be marred by the simplest thing, and sometimes it’s not even the restaurant’s fault, at least not directly. I know I’m being a something-ist when I… continue reading »