Archives for November 2005

The Unofficial Gay Test for Men

On occasion, but rarely, I am contacted by some forlorn, confused and possibly distraught man with a common question. Perhaps it is the new, all-gay format of this web page that prompts them to write to me, or maybe it… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: Personal Style

Mikey writes: "This question maybe a bit weird but well… "I am set to go on a book tour. My first. The book (humor) is for children age 13 + yet I am a man in my early thirties. How… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: Just One Suit

Kenny writes: "I’m 22 years old and am shopping for my first suit. I’ve read several conflicting things on the internet about what color is appropriate for job interviews. Some say that black is OK and some say to avoid… continue reading »

Win a date with Lance Arthur!

Hey, there, dudes and dudettes. I just won two tickets to Thursday night’s outstandingly kitchy double-feature at San Francisco’s renowned and historic Castro Theatre and I have no one who wants to go with me. So I’ve decided to throw… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: The White T-shirt

Lee writes: “I wear a white undershirt, crew neck of course, and clean and crisp of course, but I rarely wear ties so the undershirt shows, a white band around my neck under all my shirts. If I don’t wear… continue reading »