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Man Grooming Q&A: Hair Matters

Terrell writes: "I have hair probably similar to what you describe yours as. I have wished for days on end to be able to grow it out a little and make it ‘shaggy’ like a lot of the guys my… continue reading »

Dear Arnold

May I submit that it is sometimes to job, if not the duty, of our elected officials to do what is best for the people even when the people themselves oppose it? Our nation might never have fought for independence had not some of our founding fathers defied public convention and stated that the tyranny under which we then lived was not longer tolerable. To you, this may be an overstatement, to compare the nation’s fight for freedom with the right for anyone, regardless of whom they love, to marry that one other person they wish to share their life with. And that may be true.
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Man Grooming Q&A: Stylish Advice

Becoming the Fashion Police is always a hard decision, or at least it should be. For example, it’s easy for me to think that some dude walking down the street wearing mutton chops on his puss, a shiny Bedazzler’d shirt with billowing sleeves and Daisy Dukes is practically screaming out for someone to shake him out of his insanity and bring him back to our world where we know better.
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