Archives for July 2004

Paris Songs

O, Paris please
Stop knocking
Things off all the surfaces
I used to think it was cute
But it’s kind of annoying
When I need to write something down
Put all my pens are
Under the refrigerator
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Life According to Spider-Man 2

And do I get the Tobey amazing body treatment from the first movie? I wake up one morning all buff and ripped and no longer need buy Baush and Lomb to soak my lenses overnight? Is that part of the deal? Or do I keep paying my trainer to get that body? What happens if I get a lot stronger but look exactly the same! That’s not fair! I want the comicbook body! I want it all!
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Lance’s Guide to Man Grooming, Part 4: Clothing Optionals

You want to look like you. So it’s of utmost importance when you’re considering clothing to look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Do I like how I look in this?” Don’t think about how Brad Pitt will look in it. Brad Pitt looks good caked in shit. All that matters is how you look in it, and how comfortable you feel in it, and whether it will fit into your existing wardrobe (“Does this go with anything?”).
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