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Lance’s Guide to Man Grooming, Part Three: Hair Apparent

Hair I have noticed, for some, has an emotional attachment. Losing your hair can cause dramatic depression and all sorts of weird personality disorders, and the phrase “having a bad hair day,” resonates for anyone who’s had one. Sure, in the long run, hair is hair. But rather than try to deflect that unaccountable reaction, let’s embrace it for the next half-hour or so and pretend that, yes, your hair is the most important thing in the world.
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HCF: 12

…the Aloha Life flies in the face of modern conventions like that. You want to turn around suddenly and right there and block both lanes because you discovered you need to be back the other way? No problem. I’ll stop traffic for you so you can continue your journey of discovery. What’s a little pause in the action to me? I’m not stopping anything dramatic and huge by allowing you your temporary needs.
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