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Making a Federal Case Out of It

So let’s vote the bastards out. In the past four years, what have they done so far to make America a better place to live: Ruin the environment? (Kyoto Treaty) Check. Help big business liars steal from their own employees and stockholders and get away with it? (Enron) Check. Reduce the number of employed and become the first administration since Hoover during the Depression to end the Presidency with fewer people employed than when you went in? Checkerooni.
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Just Look: The Same-Sex Marriage Marathon

Related: Gay-Marriage License Demands Overwhelming “We’re at capacity right now,” said Mabel Teng, the official who oversees marriage licenses for city government. “We normally do about 20-30 couples a day. We’re doing about 50-60 an hour.” Two Thousand Rally for… continue reading »

Fat Headed

There are two secrets of the gym: One, no one cares about you. No one looks at you, particularly if you’re not already fit and gorgeous. In that way, it’s a broader reflection of life. Fat people roam among us but we tend to ignore them. I know, I’ve been there, and it was the way I preferred it. Don’t look at me, just go about your business and I’ll get out of your way. Yes, I know I’m in the way, I’m sorry, I’ll do my best to become invisible.
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Ten Things: Tits

When Diane Keaton showed her tits (plural) in the motion picture Something’s Gotta Give, she received a nomination from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Science, AKA an Oscar®, the highest award within her chosen field.
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Stupor Bowl

Admittedly, if I was any good at a sport, I might be more interested in it and wowed by the athletic prowess of this year’s genetic misfit with his 4-foot flat-footed jump or her 3.5 minute mile or the rate at which his abnormally large heart beats that allows him to ride that bike around for hours and hours. But I’m not, so I don’t care.
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