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Book Club

NEW! Cover designs by Heather Champ and Jason Kottke now available! Just in time for your holiday orgy of gift-giving and -getting, I am proud to present my first (and only) book, filled with retreaded material you’ve probably already read,… continue reading »

The Gay Agenda, Part 5

But love… love is worth it. For all the trials by fire you’ll have to endure, and the lies and the cheats and the lovers who spurn you, it’s worth it.
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Mass Marketing

Here I go again. If you want to see the real face of terror, venture into the online dating scene, my friend. Go ahead, pin your hopes on three pictures you took of yourself in a room with bad lighting wearing the t-shirt you’ve been wearing for three days and sporting a two-day growth of beard in the hopes it makes you look sexier, or more hunky, or something other than unkempt and dirty—and not Xtina Dirrrty, just plain old dirty.
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