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Hairy Palms (Part Two)

There is always one in a group who is absurdly attractive, one who smiles and talks a lot, a quiet, unassuming, somewhat goofy-looking one and ‘the fourth guy.’ The Fourth Guy is the guy you’d miss if you weren’t paying attention, and even if you were introduced to him you’d forget you ever met him.
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Hairy Palms (Part One)

When you open up the Yahoo IM application, there’s a little smiley face in the bottom status bar and next to it, if you haven’t put something clever or smart-assed or dirty as your status, it simply says “I’m available.”… continue reading »

Just Look: Conservatory of Flowers

Photoblog: The Conservatory of Flowers, San Francisco – October, 2003
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The Gay Agenda, Part 4

I wish I could rail on endlessly about inane issues to deflect attention from trivial little problems like failing wars and rampant drug use and racism in the courts and, well, Florida. But instead I am forced to come here this afternoon and explain why we absolutely must be allowed to marry our beloved boyfriend or girlfriend or facsimile thereof.
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They’re like Cher, they get all excited when someone notices them but it’s just because they got fed up that no one was noticing them so they declared, “that’s it! I’m outta here!” and suddenly (for a split second) they get a rush of ‘remember when’ posts and maybe a little surge of traffic, but it’s over. Done. Weblogs, they’ll be there in a couple of years.
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Fuktup, Part 2

I’m going through adolescence all over again, but this time I’m paying someone $130 an hour to help me through it.
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Three Summers

Having friends is one of the most important things in life. They help you accomplish the dreams you have and discover new talents. They inspire you to shoot for the stars and help you out when you�re in trouble.
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The Rubbing

You can, I have been told, grunt and moan and drool and snore and become erect if that’s what your body tells you it wants to do. It’s all good. I try, for the sake of those in the room with me, not to fart.
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