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Things “Famous Bloggers” Have Actually Said To Me, Directly

Evan Williams Locale: Noe Valley, San Francisco Occasion: Watching The Matrix on DVD at a friend’s apartment Approximate nearness to famous Blogger: 12 feet Activity: I was sitting on a couch, he was sitting on the floor Actual dialog: “Can… continue reading »

Funny Things I Have Said To “Famous Bloggers”…

Shut up and bend over.
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The Inqueery Gesture

So, we need a secret, non-obvious, non-verbal, seemingly innocent gesture that signals another gay person that your interests, though they may not be returned, at least will not cause you grievous harm. And we may also need a secret, non-obvious, non-verbal, seemingly innocent gesture in return because if you use the same gesture both ways, then you run the risk of looking like an idiot.
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Soft Gray Permanent

I often stop and stare at sidewalk writing. It comes in many flavors and styles. Sometimes messages overlap because people come upon the same patch of forever and need to use it up now, so they write at opposing angles to what someone else has said so that both messages come through, perfect and understandable.
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