Archives for June 1999

Door To Door

Anyway… I’m sitting at home eating my late lunch on Sunday because I slept in as usual because I was up late the night before as usual not doing anything too exciting except maybe talking on the phone or looking… continue reading »


Anyway… I saw “The Phantom Menace” about a week after it came out at a 9:00 show on a Thursday. The audience was about, oh, two-thirds full which was less than I expected and hinted that word of mouth on… continue reading »

Objects In Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear

Anyway… I started working out at a gym, recently. I hate it lots and lots. I figured I had to do something because my waist size has recently passed the big four-oh, and that to me is what can honestly… continue reading »

Father’s Day

Anyway… My father was dead before I started Kindergarten. I can remember my mother telling me, on the morning she was dressing me for my first day at school, that it was a shame that he had not lived long… continue reading »