Archives for March 1998

Boston To Austin (Part 1)

I dislike flying. I’ve said that before, haven’t I? But it’s one of those things one cannot overemphasize. I was filled with anticipation about this trip in particular since I’d never been to Austin but I once lived with someone—Debra,… continue reading »

The Big Wide Nothing

Heard about the Technorealists? People I know are already sick to death of the term and the very idea of this new word and the dozen people from either coast who knocked their heads together and came up with it.… continue reading »

Film Fans

The Oscars get presented Monday night. Does anyone still care? Titanic tied a record for the number of nominations for a single picture with 14. Pretty amazing! That breaks down to, what, a little over US$14million per nomination. And the… continue reading »

State of the Web

Time once again to step back and look at the big picture of what’s happening on the Web landscape. We’re well into 1998 and there’s plenty of crap raining down on us, as usual, that we’ll have to sort out… continue reading »