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Fuck Bush

13 Reasons Why You Could Be My Boyfriend

1. You Have Compassion. Compassion is in serious danger of becoming the next “liberal.” Conservatives turned the word “liberal” into something bad simply by lying about what it means and by attaching unfounded fears to those of us who consider… continue reading »

13 Reasons Why You Are Not My Boyfriend

1. You Wear Hawaiian Shirts Without Irony, But Do Not Live in Hawaii Full disclosure: I won a Hawaiian shirt. It’s sky blue and white with koi on it. It’s 100% silk and blows leisurely about in any soft wind.… continue reading »

Book Club

NEW! Cover designs by Heather Champ and Jason Kottke now available! Just in time for your holiday orgy of gift-giving and -getting, I am proud to present my first (and only) book, filled with retreaded material you’ve probably already read,… continue reading »

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