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Confessions of a Bad Creative Director

Though I am currently freelancing as a web site designer cum web site coder, and yes I deliberately used ‘cum’ just then whether or not it was appropriate, for six or seven years of my professional life I was a… continue reading »

The Gentlemen Who Dine

I moved to San Francisco at the tail-end of a migration of like-minded individuals who wanted to get sucked into the giant vortex of online creativity taking place here at the turn of the millenium. It was the year Y2K… continue reading »

Anatomy of a Redesign

In the meantime, and I don’t know if you noticed it, but Web Design died. It didn’t just roll over and die, it was killed by some very large guns wielded by very large hunters.
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Got Work?

Hey there, guys and dolls! Sorry for the long silence, and hope you’re all ready for me to come back and start mouthing off again soon. In the meantime, a couple of projects that I had on my work path… continue reading »

Reviewering at VOX

I’m doing some stuff over here for the time being. You know, playing with the new toys, stuff like that. Check it out, if you so desire.

Turning Ten

On April 14, 1996, opened up its virtual doors to the world at large — or at least that part of the world with Internet access, the Netscape browser and some unaccountable need to read what I had to say about this, that and the other thing.
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What’s Lance Up To?

I expected that since I quit my job in December, I would have ample time to update this and other sites more frequently and entertain/abash you, my treasured and ever-shrinking audience, with more amusing anecdotes and/or ways in which you… continue reading »

Win a date with Lance Arthur!

Hey, there, dudes and dudettes. I just won two tickets to Thursday night’s outstandingly kitchy double-feature at San Francisco’s renowned and historic Castro Theatre and I have no one who wants to go with me. So I’ve decided to throw… continue reading »

Dearly Beloved

Hey, everybody! Here’s a movie I helped put together for some friends of mine who enjoy wearing dresses and huge wigs! Just in time for Halloween, it’s the story of drag legend Dearly Beloved, in which yours truly makes a… continue reading »

All I Want For Christmas

It’s the holiday season and it’s time once again to think about the things others want more than you do. And since I count myself as someone who is not you, I thought I’d share my own list of “Most Wanted” in case you were sitting there by your lonesome trying to figure out the perfect gift for Lance.
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