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I am a Latebloomer. Don’t know why, exactly. I think it’s partially because I have never been in a hurry to accomplish anything, I’m just not blessed with a sense of urgency or maybe I’m blessed, instead, with an overactive patience.
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Fat Headed

There are two secrets of the gym: One, no one cares about you. No one looks at you, particularly if you’re not already fit and gorgeous. In that way, it’s a broader reflection of life. Fat people roam among us but we tend to ignore them. I know, I’ve been there, and it was the way I preferred it. Don’t look at me, just go about your business and I’ll get out of your way. Yes, I know I’m in the way, I’m sorry, I’ll do my best to become invisible.
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The Straight Story

Everyone is mad at us for behaving like we’re supposed to. All men are pigs, if you weren’t already aware of that. All men like sex. Some men like sex more than others, some men like sex all the time, but all men like sex. Even Republicans.
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Mise en Scene: NYC²

What is happening to him is very real, but his brain is having a hard time matching up what its eyes are seeing and what its body is feeling.
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Mise en Scene: NYC¹

“Hello,” the man says again, “My name is Pedro. I am a guest in this hotel. I saw you checking in last night and overheard your name and room number. I was wondering if you would like to meet me.”
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Hairy Palms (Part Two)

There is always one in a group who is absurdly attractive, one who smiles and talks a lot, a quiet, unassuming, somewhat goofy-looking one and ‘the fourth guy.’ The Fourth Guy is the guy you’d miss if you weren’t paying attention, and even if you were introduced to him you’d forget you ever met him.
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Hairy Palms (Part One)

When you open up the Yahoo IM application, there’s a little smiley face in the bottom status bar and next to it, if you haven’t put something clever or smart-assed or dirty as your status, it simply says “I’m available.”… continue reading »

Fuktup, Part 2

I’m going through adolescence all over again, but this time I’m paying someone $130 an hour to help me through it.
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Three Summers

Having friends is one of the most important things in life. They help you accomplish the dreams you have and discover new talents. They inspire you to shoot for the stars and help you out when you�re in trouble.
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Soft Gray Permanent

I often stop and stare at sidewalk writing. It comes in many flavors and styles. Sometimes messages overlap because people come upon the same patch of forever and need to use it up now, so they write at opposing angles to what someone else has said so that both messages come through, perfect and understandable.
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