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The Cut

Still, the warm wetness and sudden appearence of a trail of blood running along the edge of my ear and dripping into a quickly growing pool on my shoulder was… dismaying. “Hmm,” I thought calmly, “I have been cut.”
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…Is Hard To Do

First things first: All you who think that the only reason two men would get together is for the sex and that we’re just deviants and there’s no love involved because, honestly, how can one man love another man? Fuck… continue reading »


Then this guy gets on MUNI ahead of me, on a half-empty train, and he just stands at the doorway blocking it with his body and too-big backpack and I can’t get by him but does he move? Of course not, he pretends I don’t exist. He stands there, vapid and empty-headed, totally selfish and inconsiderate, and ignores me like I’m furniture or dirt.
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Writing Elsewhere:

No update here today, but I do have an article over at the newly redesigned and oh-so-topical Queer Day! A short excerpt: I am a fat man, at heart. You know that saying about every fat person having a thin… continue reading »

We’ve Got Time to Kill (So Let’s Smash the Clock)

How old are you?” she asked, my haircuttress, as I sat in her chair staring forward at the reflected visage of my unshaven face and pudgy gut and expensive shoes, arranged altogether in an unfetching way that Saturday morning. “43,”… continue reading »

Four Conclusions

1. Yes, he really is an idiot. A couple of conclusions I have reached this year: I will only call him Mr. Bush rather than use the title to which he has been elected because I feel that combining his… continue reading »

Question Air

Questions taken from an interview with Mark Morris in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, altered accordingly.
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The Inevitable

Lately, life (mine) seems to be coming unconstructed. Not demolished or directionless, but it feels as if, like so many buildings here in San Francisco, my façade is being propped up but everything behind it is being torn away, waiting to be replaced by something else.
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The Diet 7-Up of Happiness

He is now being referred to as my boyfriend in the circle of friends which both include and exclude him. You know how that is? When you are introduced to a “friend of a friend” and then you discover, because it’s a small world after all, that you know that other guy and so does he but you know him because he’s your masseur but he knows him because they occasionally do drag together and you call him Michael but he calls him Precious and you keep referring to him until one day you discover they are the same person? I’m sure that happens to everyone.
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HCF: 12

…the Aloha Life flies in the face of modern conventions like that. You want to turn around suddenly and right there and block both lanes because you discovered you need to be back the other way? No problem. I’ll stop traffic for you so you can continue your journey of discovery. What’s a little pause in the action to me? I’m not stopping anything dramatic and huge by allowing you your temporary needs.
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