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The Defensive Marriage Act

The Los Angeles Times is this week publishing opinions from far-right and far-left voices explaining why they feel they cannot talk to their opposites. Today’s conversation, conducted between the parties via email, is about the same-sex marriage debate. Though I… continue reading »

The F Word

Hi. How have you been? What’s up? Seen Avatar, yet? Pretty, wasn’t it? Though it left me feeling headachey and kind of worried that we’re going to be subjected to multi-million-dollar animated movies starring people who look like puppets, which… continue reading »

The Voices of the Peoples

After Proposition 8, which attempts to inserts a phrase that defines marriage as only between one man and one woman into our state Constitution, passed here in California, my initial reaction was that it was inevitable. Even though, only weeks… continue reading »

Straight to the Point

How to tell if you’re straight, and what you can do to hide it from others. With the recent decision by California to strip straight couples of their Constitutional right to marriage — a decision already echoed in one way… continue reading »

I Will Marry You

Here in California, we’re fooling around with something called Proposition 8. The original petition to get the proposed legislation on our ballot said this: LIMIT ON MARRIAGE. CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT. Amends the California Constitution to provide that only marriage between a… continue reading »

Porn Yesterday

What was it? How come I was so different? I decided then and there to fake it, to convince them (and myself) that I was just like them and I really liked these pictures of fat-boobies and hairy crotches and eyes like demons. I looked through one magazine after another, trying to find a picture sufficiently scary and inversely grotesque to my sensibilities that I could use to pass for a believable desire.
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Oscars = Boring

I think I am becoming less gay because I could hardly bring myself to watch the Academy Awards last night. It doesn’t help that I have been hopelessly out of touch with the movies this (last) year and still haven’t… continue reading »

The Gay Agenda, Part 6

A first date is always frightening to some degree. You’re throwing caution to the wind and admitting you’re lonely and desperate enough to want to put on your best clothes, shower, shampoo, shave… some part of your body, and leave the comfort of your home, apartment or cave and meet someone else who, one is safe in assuming, is exactly as lonely and desperate as you are.
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The Gay Agenda, Part 5

But love… love is worth it. For all the trials by fire you’ll have to endure, and the lies and the cheats and the lovers who spurn you, it’s worth it.
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The Gay Agenda, Part 4

I wish I could rail on endlessly about inane issues to deflect attention from trivial little problems like failing wars and rampant drug use and racism in the courts and, well, Florida. But instead I am forced to come here this afternoon and explain why we absolutely must be allowed to marry our beloved boyfriend or girlfriend or facsimile thereof.
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