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Resigned To Fate

Anyway… I quit my job today. I’ve never been fired from a job, unless you count my first job but then I wanted to get fired because I hated it and I couldn’t tell my mother I quit that job… continue reading »

Unscene II

Anyway… By popular demand, more missing scenes from “Star Wars—Episode I—The Phantom Menace”. By the way, did you know that “Star Wars—Episode IV—A New Hope—The Special Edition” was the first film ever with three hyphens and four titles? It’s a… continue reading »

Celebrity Skin

Anyway… I believe it was John The Baptist who said, “Holy shit! Do you know who that is?” Celebrities come from California. They’re born and raised there before being set loose on an unsuspecting public who thought they wanted John… continue reading »

I’m Diseased

Anyway… Being sick when it’s hot outside is… sick. I mean, it makes you feel more sick than you are, because you feel like you have a fever even if you don’t have a fever. And you sleep all sweaty… continue reading »

Door To Door

Anyway… I’m sitting at home eating my late lunch on Sunday because I slept in as usual because I was up late the night before as usual not doing anything too exciting except maybe talking on the phone or looking… continue reading »


Anyway… I saw “The Phantom Menace” about a week after it came out at a 9:00 show on a Thursday. The audience was about, oh, two-thirds full which was less than I expected and hinted that word of mouth on… continue reading »

Objects In Mirror Are Larger Than They Appear

Anyway… I started working out at a gym, recently. I hate it lots and lots. I figured I had to do something because my waist size has recently passed the big four-oh, and that to me is what can honestly… continue reading »

Father’s Day

Anyway… My father was dead before I started Kindergarten. I can remember my mother telling me, on the morning she was dressing me for my first day at school, that it was a shame that he had not lived long… continue reading »

My Mother, The Star

Anyway… I forgot my mother’s birthday. Again. I seem to manage this every year and one would think I’d have carved the date into my flesh somewhere so I’d stop forgetting to remember, but every year I forget and every… continue reading »

A Coupla White Chicks Sittin’ Around Talkin’

Anyway… Short impression, goes like this; “This is CNN. Monica, Monica, Monica, Monica, Monica, Monica, Monica, Monica, Monica.&#148 And in the end the love you take is equal to the love you get on your dress from the Gap, which… continue reading »

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