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Not If But When

Anyway… The fallout from my last admittedly knee-jerk Serial made me sit up and look around a little closer, mostly because what I kept reading in some responses to my own decision not to use Napster is that Napster and… continue reading »


Anyway… Wouldn’t it be nice if everything were free? Wouldn’t it be great if we could walk onto a car lot, pick a car, get in it and drive it away? Wouldn’t it be fabulous to be driving that new… continue reading »


Anyway… I hear that a lot of people are insane. I mentioned to my very good friend Ben Brown the other day that I enjoyed the writing of a particular person with whom he was acquainted, and he said that… continue reading »


Anyway… After the Cool Site of the Year awards in 1997 (being the 1996 awards) I sat with Derek Powazek and Andy Gems at a table at a Mexican restaurant in The Mission and agreed—over a pitcher of Margaritas—that the… continue reading »

Foot In Mouth Disease

Anyway… Sometimes I surprise myself with my own stupidity. And after the number of years (decades) that I’ve been dealing with it, one might think that by now I’d have learned to take a step back and pause before I… continue reading »

Role Playing

Anyway… There is something hazy and indistinct about San Francisco, made all the more so after another bout of projectile vomiting behind the drag karaoke bar down from the Safeway on Market. What was I thinking, anyway, downing that bucket… continue reading »

A Bad Day

Anyway… I have a headache right now. I should just go to bed and wait out the rest of this day lying under the covers ignoring reality, drifting in the soft, warm comfort of dreams and silence. But what I’m… continue reading »

Life (Some Assembly Required)

Anyway… I know what I said. I said I’d have a lot of time on my hands while things were “coming together.” I said that I’d probably be posting a lot more because I’d have nothing better to do, and… continue reading »

Another Moving Experience

Anyway… As detailed some weeks ago—and, yes, I’m aware that it has been weeks since my last entry here (and I’m a little disappointed that no one bugs me about that anymore like they used to, which either means you… continue reading »

Hair Today

Anyway… Three things that have changed since I’ve become unemployed (in the traditional sense): My alarm clock no longer goes off. I no longer dread Mondays. I cut off all my hair. I have a really round head. Like a… continue reading »

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