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The End

My boyfriend (which, as a term, is stupid for a man of my age and a man of his age and men of our ages) and I broke up over a month ago. We were together over six years, and… continue reading »

The Perfect Perfect Martini

Perhaps you’ve read elsewhere how to make a perfect Martini. The page is linked to again and again as an example of, I don’t know, one man’s obsession with making one thing perfectly. Friends, I’m here to tell you that… continue reading »

The Defensive Marriage Act

The Los Angeles Times is this week publishing opinions from far-right and far-left voices explaining why they feel they cannot talk to their opposites. Today’s conversation, conducted between the parties via email, is about the same-sex marriage debate. Though I… continue reading »

Blind in One Eye

On a recent trip to New York, the following thing happened; I am using my Macbook Pro and suddenly Finder and Safari both lock up, showing me the rolling beach ball of eternity and refusing to do much else. Consequently,… continue reading »

Trains in August

He was standing at the head of the line, holding up the head of the line, at Subway while we all waited for him while we all waited for the train South (the South train) to allow us to board.… continue reading »

Adventures in Erotic Dentistry

I get a cleaning from my dentist — or, more accurately, my dentist’s dental assistant — twice a year. Prior to about 10 years ago, I hadn’t visited a dentist for most of my adult life unless I absolutely had… continue reading »

The Very Last Life Serial

This is, in fact, the very last Life Serial. Feel free to steal the title, I’ll think up another one. Writing about oneself obsessively (as if there is any other kind) becomes boring and trivial after a while. You begin… continue reading »

The Food Brick

The following essay was read verbatim at Fray Café in Austin, Texas on Sunday, March 11. 2001. Some names have been changed to protect the guilty. Mine is not one of them. I was raised by my mom to be… continue reading »

Reality: Life In Hell

I left Los Angeles weather behind in San Francisco and was greeted with San Francisco weather in Los Angeles when the glassdog jet touched down at LAX. Typical. It was like me, being me, to bring the poor weather with… continue reading »


Anyway… Anonymity is a wonderful thing. Public Anonymity is an even more wonderful thing. Personally Identified Public Anonymity is the best thing of all. Anonymity means no one knows who you are, so you can get away with everything with… continue reading »

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