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A Thing About Apple by Someone Who Doesn’t Know Anything About Apple

The largest company in the world announced that they would be releasing a new operating system update this summer, and one that more effectively married their mobile OS with their desktop OS to the extent that it will track and… continue reading »

Serendipity by Proxy

I’m surprised that anyone anywhere thinks they can do anything they want to with something they “found” on the web and not have anyone else anywhere notice that they did it. Frankly, if the web has done anything besides remind… continue reading »

wishs/wishd dot com (or something)

My experience standing in line at the Apple store brought to mind a project I had considered years ago, around the time I was still doing Overheard at and had set up The Dead Letter Office with Greg Knauss’s… continue reading »

Attn: Google Money Babies

McSweeney’s is having a problem. Last year, their distributor went bankrupt and left them high and dry to the tune of $130,000, which they are now attempting to recoup via a big sale on all their backlog items and a… continue reading »