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Resolved: No More God Pretending

As a gay atheist (gaytheist?), I’ve made my share of compromises in life. Just to get through the day-to-day, you know. It’s simply easier for me to play a game or portray a desire I don’t feel or pretend a… continue reading »

Time Wounds All Heels

I used to write online quite a lot. Certainly weekly, and often several times a week. I would write about anything and everything, really. Whatever was annoying me. Whatever was interesting me. Whatever. Then things slowed down. Then things stopped… continue reading »

The Big Drip

The first time I walked into Ritual Roasters on Valencia Street here in San Francisco, it felt like I’d stepped back into some pre-bubble-burst time hole. Everywhere I looked was another Seattle-grunge fashion victim hugging a monochrome MacBook, their faces… continue reading »