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For a Phone

Somewhere on the Web, I have no doubt, some guy is writing or has written or will be writing in his blog about the dick in line at the Apple store on Stockton in San Francisco who was Mr. Goody-Goody… continue reading »

Tax and Spend

Today is April 16th, or Tax Day as it is sometimes known in the United States. Normally, we pay our taxes on April 15th, but since that was yesterday and nobody in the Federal Government works on the day of… continue reading »

The Cheese Problem

I’m sort of stupid and cheap when it comes to throwing out bad food. Case in point: The Cowgirl Creamery triple cream Red Hawk I purchased on my way home from a client and then thoughtlessly left in my shoulder… continue reading »

Possible Scenarios for Heaven*

I want to believe that the web is like a phone booth and that we can leave messages out here for someone to pick up, that maybe they’ll find it someday, or that it’ll find its way to them. I… continue reading »