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The End

My boyfriend (which, as a term, is stupid for a man of my age and a man of his age and men of our ages) and I broke up over a month ago. We were together over six years, and… continue reading »

Wanted: A Good Media Console

My electronics are a mess. I live in a very small 1-bedroom apartment, yet I own a 42″ LCD monitor, a Denon 3808ci AVR receiver (weighing in at a more-than-respectable 39.2 lbs.), a Sony DVD jukebox big enough to hold… continue reading »

The Witnesses

It was very chilly and I was standing at the wrought iron gate that leads to my doorway in my bare feet and a thin T-shirt and still unshowered and there they were, the two of them, one young-ish and… continue reading »

Comcastic? Try Fucktardic

I’m going to bring my little tale of woe to you now, so that I may be able to help others like myself who find themselves trying to deal with the ass-backwardsization of customer service in the “I don’t have… continue reading »

No Comment

Just a short entry to apologize to those few who felt compelled to tell me that I was finally making the right decision and/or I was going over to the Dark Side in my previous post about switching to Apple.… continue reading »

Drowning Your Sorrows in Drink: Three Options

There is something to be said for the Cocktail Set. That era epitomized by Nick and Nora Charles, portrayed on screen by William Powell and Myrna Loy in several "Thin Man" films (along with their dog, Asta, of course). If you’ve never had the pleasure of taking in the charm, grace, humor and utter enjoyment of Mr. Powell’s not-quite acceptable Nick and Ms. Powell’s level-headed and fun-loving Nora, you’re missing out on one of filmdom’s great duos of human chemistry, right up there with Laural and Hardy or Tracy and Hepburn.
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Guess what? If you’re a headline reader, you already know the answer, but for those of you who elect to eschew headlines and just dive right into the meat, so to speak, I’ve recently become electively unemployed. I fired myself… continue reading »

The Unofficial Gay Test for Men

On occasion, but rarely, I am contacted by some forlorn, confused and possibly distraught man with a common question. Perhaps it is the new, all-gay format of this web page that prompts them to write to me, or maybe it… continue reading »

Gay Overtures

Tiaan writes: “…I must add that I am not gay, but this is the whole problem. Why am I emailing you then you ask? Well, being able to handle girls is hard enough for me, but I need an expert’s… continue reading »