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Rumor has it, as Adele said, that Apple is on the cusp of foisting upon the world a big-screen iMac that the world will call a television set, but its relationship with what we all think of as a television… continue reading »

A Thing About Apple by Someone Who Doesn’t Know Anything About Apple

The largest company in the world announced that they would be releasing a new operating system update this summer, and one that more effectively married their mobile OS with their desktop OS to the extent that it will track and… continue reading »

If I Were Microsoft

Bill’s baby has been struggling recently to figure out how to sell itself to consumers. The company has come to realize that they’re slowly (very, very slowly) starting to lose a battle they didn’t know they were in, and which… continue reading »

I Saw It On CNN

My boyfriend’s company (of which he is an actual partner, while I toil away in abject obscurity freelancing from my apartment/cave, not that I’m bitter) came up with an idea for CNN after one of their smarter members noticed that… continue reading »


If I’m starting to sound like an Apple ad, I apologize, but I really am shocked at how easy it is to get my digital life in order using Apple’s system of products and software. The elegant and beautiful industrial design doesn’t hurt, of course, as well as the new quiet I can enjoy without the usual fans whirring away all the time. I can see how the cultists can bow down at Sir Steven’s feet, awaiting every new product launch, and snapping them up as quickly as Apple can make them.
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TiVo Series 3 for $405

I’m sick to death of my crappy Comcast DVR. The remote lag (whereby clicks on my remote control register several seconds after I enter them) along with shitty hard drives recording programs with drop-outs in the audio and video tracks… continue reading »

The Tyrannical Pixel Monsters

I suck at time management. My friend Merlin has built an online empire based on getting organized and Getting Things Done, and here I sit in my home office trying to juggle the various projects I find myself committed to,… continue reading »

“Hostel” The Review

Please do not see this film. Do not pay any money to view it in any form, and unless Quentin Tarantino personally offers you cash money to sit through it, avoid this film like the plague. You may be thinking… continue reading »

Lestat: The Musical: The Review

Like "Wicked" from a few years ago, Broadway is trying out a new musical here in San Francisco to iron out the kinks before transplanting the show to the Great White Way. They’ve tried it a few times and have… continue reading »

Coming Out (Again)

I have to admit something to you now that I’ve held inside for a long time because, well, I didn’t think it mattered very much and I was a little embarrassed about it. I mean, I know that you’re my friend and it won’t make a difference to you, probably, and even if it does we could probably still remain friends if we just don’t talk about this one thing, because I’m afraid I just can’t change this about me.
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