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Democratic Reform

This is not another rant about Proposition 8, per se, though it does necessarily encompass the arguments for and against it, as well as pretty much every Presidential election over the past 20 years or so, and any legislation at… continue reading »

Sex, Lies and Proposition 8

I know I’m late to the party but on the eve of the election and with the strong possibility that Proposition 8 here in California will remove the right to marry whom I may wish to marry (something I never… continue reading »

Impalin’ Ourselves

Here’s the thing. So, okay, what the fuck is wrong with John McCain? The reason I ask is because it seems like this isn’t the guy I was used to seeing on The Daily Show joking around with Jon Stewart… continue reading »

But Here’s the Thing

Mr. Obama is correct when he says that a candidate’s family, and a candidate’s children in particular, should remain off-limits during a campaign, and that their personal trials and choices should remain private. I agree with that sentiment. However —… continue reading »

Dear Arnold

May I submit that it is sometimes to job, if not the duty, of our elected officials to do what is best for the people even when the people themselves oppose it? Our nation might never have fought for independence had not some of our founding fathers defied public convention and stated that the tyranny under which we then lived was not longer tolerable. To you, this may be an overstatement, to compare the nation’s fight for freedom with the right for anyone, regardless of whom they love, to marry that one other person they wish to share their life with. And that may be true.
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Gay For Payday

On October 11, 2004, I propose that the GLBT members of the work force stay home from work and refuse to allow the federal and state governments to impose income taxes on our paychecks for one day in a simple act of civil disobedience
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