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Man Grooming Q&A: Personal Style

Mikey writes: "This question maybe a bit weird but well… "I am set to go on a book tour. My first. The book (humor) is for children age 13 + yet I am a man in my early thirties. How… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: Just One Suit

Kenny writes: "I’m 22 years old and am shopping for my first suit. I’ve read several conflicting things on the internet about what color is appropriate for job interviews. Some say that black is OK and some say to avoid… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: The White T-shirt

Lee writes: “I wear a white undershirt, crew neck of course, and clean and crisp of course, but I rarely wear ties so the undershirt shows, a white band around my neck under all my shirts. If I don’t wear… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: Hair Matters

Terrell writes: "I have hair probably similar to what you describe yours as. I have wished for days on end to be able to grow it out a little and make it ‘shaggy’ like a lot of the guys my… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: Stylish Advice

Becoming the Fashion Police is always a hard decision, or at least it should be. For example, it’s easy for me to think that some dude walking down the street wearing mutton chops on his puss, a shiny Bedazzler’d shirt with billowing sleeves and Daisy Dukes is practically screaming out for someone to shake him out of his insanity and bring him back to our world where we know better.
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Man Grooming Q&A: Lace-ups or Loafers?

Rich writes: “So for shoes… lace-up or loafers? Which are more stylish? And on loafers, tassels or no?”

Man Grooming Q&A: Boots and Shoes

Greg writes: “I was shopping on last week, and I noticed that all of the models were wearing boots with their jeans and pants. I really liked how this looked, so I went off looking for a pair. First… continue reading »

Man Grooming Q&A: Affordable Suits

Jeff writes: “My personal concern is middle ground. A $1,300 suit, $300 shoes, and $150 shirt aren’t out of my league financially. I do, however, consider it something I will never do (for many reasons I’ll not get into). Surely… continue reading »

Lance’s Guide to Man Grooming, Part 4: Clothing Optionals

Just to get this out of the way right now: What you wear doesn’t make you gay. Being gay makes you gay. If you aren’t gay, you aren’t gay. I know perfectly well that there are probably among the readers a few men who have that strong aversion to even a whiff of being mistaken for liking the cut of another man’s jib. This is all about liking yourself better, not about liking anyone else.
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Lance’s Guide to Man Grooming, Part 4: Clothing Optionals

You want to look like you. So it’s of utmost importance when you’re considering clothing to look at yourself in the mirror and think, “Do I like how I look in this?” Don’t think about how Brad Pitt will look in it. Brad Pitt looks good caked in shit. All that matters is how you look in it, and how comfortable you feel in it, and whether it will fit into your existing wardrobe (“Does this go with anything?”).
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